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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Sweet Kitten

Auntie Heather, I have been trying to get this on video for WEEKS. It just wasn't possible because every time I turned on the camera she would get too curious about the camera and stop. But it's SO so cute, and you need to see it because you were the one to provide her with this plush kitty bed. If you turn your volume way up you can hear the person you can hear it all the way across the room. She'll do this for like 10 minutes straight and then fall into a deep sleep. For the first part, she's distracted by the camera, but 30 seconds into the video she starts doing what I'm talking about.

Our kitten has figured out how to open our door. When I caught this on video I had never seen her do it, because the only time she finds it necessary to open the door is in the middle of the night when Brent and I have "locked" her out of our bedroom. (We've had to resort to putting a chair underneath the handle so she can't get in. Sure it's only a matter of time before she figures out how to get around that obstacle.) To get her to open the door I put an almost empty can of tuna on the other side of it.

I just had to see her do it again, so after letting her lick the tuna can for 5 minutes or so, I let PDub have at it and closed the door on Penny again. The noises of PDub chowing down drove Penny crazy...she just had to have that tuna!

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  1. That was great. Made Auntie Heather so happy to see. I can't believe she can open doors!! Smart cat. Has P-Dub picked up any of that smartness yet?